ZaneRay built theTreestuff site with BigCommerce

TreeStuff started as a small online store with a focus on innovation, customer service, and a dedication to making the tree care industry better. Now TreeStuff is the largest online retailer of professional arborist equipment. Proving to be much more than just a store, TreeStuff is constantly building up the arborist community through fun and educational videos, free family adventures and community events, world-class competitions, live broadcasts, and emergent technology.

ZaneRay was thrilled to partner with the TreeStuff brand and community. As we immersed ourselves deeply into arborist culture, and more specifically looking at the TreeStuff community, we discovered an array of special business and eCommerce requirements needed to support some of the products and experiences that were unique to TreeStuff and their customers. The initial work included a branding effort that updated the TreeStuff look and feel, including the logo. We then moved into a full design and development project that led to the site that you see today. To get the full experience, go climb a tree and then check out the new TreeStuff site.

Go to the Treestuff Site

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