Have you ever thought about having a job in a place where camping, fishing and skiing are 15 minutes away, where you do something new — and challenging — at your job every day and where you can still afford a home on acreage?

How about a place that people from around the world come to visit and tell you how beautiful it is? Where you have a say in the direction of the company and what you do? Thought about being at a company that has been around awhile and bases its decisions on providing secure jobs for families and not on pumping up stock prices? This is ZaneRay.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, run a business, enjoy your retirement years or simply take a well-deserved vacation, look no further … Whitefish, Montana has something for everyone!www.whitefishchamber.org

We - The ZaneRay Group - are an Internet development and software engineering firm located in Whitefish, Montana. The greater area is the Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana. Gateway to Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and a few million other acres of outdoor beauty.

ZaneRay is a collection of like minded individuals who are passionate about the work we do and the place we live. Most of us are rabid about spending time in the outdoors with our friends and families, but we also enjoy the finer things that living in a resort and tourist destination provide. We feel fortunate to be able to live in this setting and have jobs that provide the same diversity and challenges that you'd usually only find in a larger metropolitan setting.

We typically have more demand for our services than we have resources to provide. So ZaneRay is always expanding and looking for more team members to help grow our dream. We take hiring seriously, as we want employees to stay forever and we want to be around forever. Our turnover is low and is one of our strengths: for many of our clients we are the one that provide continuity through generations of their employees. See our job postings for open positions.

Some of the benefits:

  • Diversity in what we do. We develop sophisticated Ecommerce sites that are always driving us to innovate and learn. We work for wonderful companies, many in the outdoor and sports industries but others as diverse as metal sales, groceries, and antiques
  • Flexibilty. Our workweek centers around a Monday-Friday schedule but you don't punch a clock. Want to ski in the morning and work late? Fine. Take a three hour lunch and mountain bike? Fine. Float the river Friday afternoon and then make up for it by telecommuting on Saturday? Fine. We allow telecommuting, we pay overtime for time over 40 hours a week, and we understand that everyone has a life that involves fresh powder, sick kids, home projects and you-name-it.
  • Decent benefits. You start with 3 weeks vacation/sicktime a year. We don't care what you call it, you have 3 weeks of time to yourself to start. We have company paid medical, dental, vision. Matching IRA program. Company provided disability insurance. We have a profit sharing program.
  • Gear. We have arrangements with most of our customers to get their wonderful gear at industry trade prices.
  • Clean air, no traffic, open space, breathtaking scenery

What we look for most in team members:

  • People that are passionate about doing a great job. We love our customers, some who have been with us over a decade (unheard of in this business), and this is a result of us enjoying what we do and understanding it's all about who we serve. Good enough can always be better. People that love where they live. Enough said.
  • Team members who are in it for the long haul. We've had people work for us and then go elsewhere and that's always a very sad day, but their tenure has been 7 to 12 years? Unheard of in the tech business. But the majority who walk in the door never leave. It's the tech world so we are sometimes faced with impossible deadlines and 15 hour days, but we really view our existence as a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Folks with a well-rounded skill set. That you can program Java like a magician is valued here, but we also appreciate your ability to communicate with customers, to write well, to lead, to realize that what we do here is a fusion of different talents.

Visit our job postings, listed in the upper left of this page. Send a cover letter and a resume to jobs[at]zaneray.com.