About ZaneRay

On any given day, someone may walk into the ZaneRay offices, and might ask us "what do you do here?" You will find bikes out front or lining the interior walls depending on the season, a dog or two greeting you at the door, lots of computers and monitors, and plenty of folks sitting at desks with headphones on or huddled around one computer engaged in conversation. To answer the question of what we do, we create, we develop and design top shelf eCommerce websites.

‘Design’ and ‘function’ shake hands and push the envelope on a daily basis here. Sometimes we feel like mad scientists and we invite clients into that creative space.

Established in 1994, ZaneRay offers world class solutions in both design and ecommerce technology for web sites. ZaneRay emerged as a technology service provider in the Web industry, handling large business-to-consumer and business-to-business needs of companies primarily in the Outdoor Industry. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to produce some ‘Top 10’ sites and work with wonderful clients. ZaneRay’s keen understanding of brand sensitivity has helped customers authentically communicate and amplify who they are and stand out among competitors. With the game-changing rapid emergence of mobile device usage and rich media in the interactive realm, ZaneRay addresses these new needs with clear attention to responsive design, compatibility and user experience. The websites no longer simply try to reach the target consumer, but weigh in where the user is, and where their state of mind is. Ecommerce technology and design merge together in the work we create--and in some ways are hard to separate. Because of this, our offerings work well for companies looking for a complete and unique package. From an office of geeky, creative outdoorspeople in Montana.